Friday, October 14, 2016

"Special" Calendar Days and How to Use Them to Grow Your Practice

Every month of every year there are literally scores of "special days." If you search resources such as Chase's Calendar of Events (which is published anew each year) for special days, you will find no lack of possibilities. Here are a few ideas:

1. October 16th is World Food Day. You could offer free treatments for one day to anyone who brings in a full grocery bag of non-perishables. When they are all collected, take the donation to the local community homeless shelter or other organization that offers free meals to homeless folks. Better yet, get 5 other acupuncturists in your community to do this with you and then contact the local paper about it. Make sure you take some photos!

2. October 22nd is Make A Difference Day. What project in your community would you like to support? Offer a "by donation" community acupuncture day and donate the proceeds to your favorite local non-profit. Again, what it you could get every acupuncturist in town to join in on that effort? Tricky? Yes. Impossible? No.

3. November is National Sleep Comfort Month. How about you write an article on Chinese medical/acupuncture treatments for improved sleep and publish it in every newsletter, newspaper, online magazine, your own blog, corporate in-house newsletters, and anywhere else possible? An offer for a free consult to discuss prospective patients' sleep issues would be an added plus.

4. Veteran's Day is November 11. A free community clinic day for all veterans could be a hit. Don't forget to let the media know about it if you decide to do this.

5. The first Thursday of November is Men Make Dinner Day. Ask all your men patients to send in photos of themselves cooking dinner. Post them on your Facebook page and offer a free treatment to the one who snaps the best photo, or a 1/2 price tx to all who participate.

You get the idea here and this is, obviously, endless. Be creative! You could choose one special day per month, or one per quarter... whatever works for you. This is a great way to build community, participate with patients in ways that are fun and lighthearted as well as serious and meaningful.

As we go through this very difficult election cycle in the US, I love to do things like these to refocus on something more fun and that also show the fundamental good hearts of everyone who gets involved.

Happy Autumn and thanks for reading.

All good wishes,


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