Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cool Videos for You and Your Patients

Health Tips for Patients and for YOU as well?

Check out the YouTube Channel of my friend Anthony Giovanelli, founder of Acupuncture Ambassadors. He creates new digital video about Chinese medicine, self-care, massage therapy, psychotherapy, feng shui, and dietary therapy...just for starters. More video for acupuncturists coming soon..."The 20 Most Frequently Asked Questions from Acupuncture Patients. Turn your patients on to this channel!

Also, check out the Feb. issue of Acupuncture Today for an interview with Anthony.

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Online Tools to Help All of Us Stay Organized in 2014

Hi Folks,

I was not sure if I would be blogging anymore, but just cannot seem to help myself! Saw some new tips for saving $$ and staying organized that anyone with a smart phone, computer, or tablet can use that I want my readers to know about. Hope one or more of these rings a bell for you.

1. Make a budget. I know, I know...boring or scary or it makes you feel clueless. Online expense-tracking tools like Mint or BudgetPulse make it easier.

2. Are you a coupon clipper? Amongst the Hamburger Helper and Rice-a-Roni coupons, you can find others for all sorts of supplies that are useful for your clinic (paper products, clinic supplies, office supplies, and more) at Coupon Sherpa, SavingStar, or

3. In May or June, consider a block-or-neighborhood garage sale, which generates more traffic and more sales. Decluttering is an excellent way to re-energize of your home, office, and life. Use the money you make for a new piece of needed equipment for your business or to make an extra payment on your student loans.

4. Do you have the best rates and features on your personal and business credit cards?? Compare card rates at NerdWallet or

5. When was the last time you saw your credit report? You are entitled to a free copy once per year from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You may be surprised (pleasantly or not) but you should know your scores. Check out

6. Have trouble paying your bills on time? Use the tools at Manilla or Check, free apps for your smart phone and set up on time bill pays for everything you can!

7. Online security is a huge issue for all of us and seems to get more dicey all the time. Check out tools like Dashlane, Password Genie, or LastPass for keeping passwords organized (I personally find this maddening!!!) and to keep your financial accounts as safe as possible.

8. If you "Like" the company pages of product and service providers that you do business with you are more likely to receive info from them about clearances, BOGO deals, or other discount opportunities that can save you money. Some companies have regular "Facebook Only" sales that can offer steep discounts for limited time periods. If you are a regular on Facebook, this is something to consider. The same is true about following companies you like on Twitter.

9. Do you like to use Twitter? Check out #Bargain, #SavingMoney, and #Frugal for regular tips to help you get more for your buck every day. This also feeds the mindset of money saving, which, if you have student loans, needs to be part of your life until the loans are paid up.

10. If you want to offer a discount to new potential customers (I have mixed feelings about this), you might consider a site such as Slickdeals to share info about yourself and your services. This web-centered savings community has a huge audience (10-million users!) and 18 different areas of interest (health is one of them). Alternatively, consider posting something about yourself and possible discounts at Frontpage Deals and Coupons.

Coming in a couple of weeks....Communicating with MDs for Fun and Profit.

Happy New Year everyone! May it be peaceful and prosperous for all of us everywhere.