Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Random Practice Building and Clinical Notes

Here are a few recent items I've collected from here and there.

Advice for living longer, and happier lives!

  1. Nurture more friendships. Studies show that people with numerous close relationships have a lower rate of serious illness following personal crises and are likely to live longer than those who remain isolated.
  2. Don’t be a couch potato. The sooner you start exercising regularly the healthier you are likely to remain. You will lower your risk for all the major killers in our society…heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, even cancer. Combine #1 & 2…. walk with a friend whenever you can.
  3. Build strength. Studies suggest that people over 40 lose 1% per year of muscle strength unless they actively avoid it through strength training. Weight training maintains healthy muscles and bones, and is also important for women who are prone to osteoporosis.
  4. Eat naturally. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are low in fat and calories and help everyone avoid heart disease, diabetes, and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.
  5. Get regular medical screenings for diseases that your age group and sex are prone to develop or for which you have any genetic tendency. The chance for successful treatment is most likely when diseases are detected at the earliest stages.
  6. Pursue pleasures such as art, music, flower arranging, team sports, a social life, volunteer opportunities, or even a regular sauna.
  7. Laugh as often as possible. Laughing improves blood circulation, increases mental alertness, frees up your qi mechanism, relaxes the liver, and calms the spirit.

Why do most Americans visit their doctor’s office?

According to a report in American Health Magazine, the overwhelming reason why most of us visit our doctor’s office is upper respiratory infections such as colds, flu, and bronchitis… over 190 million office visits per year!  Another 150+ million visits area for heart disease and hypertension. Next come migraines and other headaches. In fourth place is arthritis and back pain.

Chinese medicine can help people with all these conditions! It's easy to inform your patients about all that can be benefited through acupuncture care and Chinese herbal medicine. (Blue Poppy and Acupuncture Media Works have lots of brochures to help you do this with very little effort. See the Brochures and Office Products Link on the left side of the home page.) Also, Blue Poppy Originals include formulas to help your patients with these conditions! Sign up today for access to the herbal section of our site to check out Cold Quell, Clear Vessel, Celestial Mansion, Kidney Mansion, and Impediment Magic today.

Help your patients to a slimmer waistline with these tips.

Feel free to make this list into a handout for your dieting patients. Put your clinic info at the top of the handout.

  1. Eat breakfast. Regular meals and occasional low-calorie snacks help prevent binging episodes. Don’t like too much food in the morning? Try some fresh fruit, a small bowl of whole grain high-fiber cereal, or whole grain toast with a sugar-free fruit-only spread.
  2. Take your time when eating. Your brain receives “full” signals slowly, about 20 minutes after you eat. So set your fork down between bites, carry on a conversation with family, play soothing music during meals, chew each bit thoroughly.
  3. Bite into a slice of lemon of pickle when hunger strikes. The sour take will curb your appetite.
  4. Brush your teeth if you get hungry between meals. This sends a subtle message to your brain that the time for food is just finished.
  5. Post a list of small household projects on your refrigerator door. Then if you visit the refrigerator out of boredom, you may think to tackle a small chore instead of snacking. When you are busy, your mind will not be on food.
  6. Use smaller plates. This makes less food look like more and you will serve yourself less.
  7. Exercise in the morning. After fasting through the night, more of the calories you burn will be from stored fat. If you exercise after eating in the afternoon, most of the calories burned are from carbs you just consumed.
  8. Remember that after aerobic exercise you will continue to burn calories for several hours after finishing your workout.

Also, herbs that fortify the spleen and boost the qi or that dry dampness and transform phlegm can support your dieting patients. Sign up today for access to the herbal section of our site to check out the Blue Poppy Original formula, Black Dragon.

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