Monday, April 15, 2013

YouTube as the World

So YouTube is now the second largest website and search engine in the world. Yep…the second largest. Owned by Google which is the first largest! What does this mean?

According to Nielsen (the people who do polls and ratings for all things TV), at present, 60+% of all searches and activity on the internet are videos. The trend is upward and, by 2014, this percentage could be 70%? 80%? I believe we ignore this trend at our marketing peril.

People prefer to “watch” the internet rather than “read” the internet. It makes sense if you think about it.

So, what to do? You can add video to your site with a flip camera and good lighting, or you can have some short professional videos created. These need only be 3-4 minutes long, but at a maxiumum of 10 mins long.

But about what, you may ask???

  1. The tour of your clinic is a place to start
  2. A short video of you treating a patient with acupuncture to prove that it is not painful and horrible, but peaceful and relaxing
  3. How to cook your Chinese herbs
  4. How to do a few specific qi gong exercises
  5. A video book review of a health-related book
  6. How to cook congee (jook) (or some other healthy recipe)
  7. How to do a self-massage for a given ailment

That’s seven ideas in two minutes. You can come up with more cool video ideas. If you put one in your blog, on your website homepage, a link to it in Twitter and Facebook, you will increase your traffic and visability and hits. 

Helps you gain credibility. People like to see whom they are considering seeking out for service.

It’s a video world, my friends, and I guess we have to get used to it.

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