Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Are You Called to Service?

I had the time and privilege to attend a Level 1 Training with Acupuncture Without Borders (AWB) this last weekend, held in the greater Los Angeles area. More than just inspiring, this training is designed to give attendees the tools necessary to go back to their own communities and actually get started in the work of bringing simple acupuncture techniques (notably the well-researched and vetted NADA protocol) to all types of people who are currently or have in the past experienced unresolved trauma. 

Ways this could be applied are many and varied. Notably, this work is growing in the area of Veterans PTSD Support Clinics, which can happen anywhere there is an adequate community of veterans in need! AWB-affiliated clinics providing this type of service include 35 around the US today! We all know that 100 more of these clinics would still not be enough!!  And, this same type of clinic could be applied to so many other populations in need:
• specifically women Vets who have suffered sexual abuse as well as war-related PTSD
• victims of domestic violence
• populations such as the city of Newtown, CT
• refugees from wars all around the globe
This list could go on and on...

In addition to the nuts and bolts of how to start and then operate one of these types of clinics for whatever population of people you are called to help, we also learned about AWB's Disaster Relief work and what hoops we acupuncturists will need to clear to be included in Medical Response groups after any and all types of disasters (fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, terrorist attacks). This information is invaluable if we want to be included as part of the standard, automatic response teams in each of our areas. 

Finally, we learned about AWB's ongoing trainings for health workers in other countries, teaching them to use the NADA protocol in response to all types of trauma and difficulties. This is an ongoing effort in Haiti, Nepal, Mongolia, Chile, Equador, and Mexico...with new programs and needs arising all over the globe.

So I encourage anyone with a stirring toward larger service to check out AWB and do one of their trainings. I guarantee you'll be inspired.

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