Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Everything you could ever ask about acupuncture needles

Here's a lovely blog by Shawn Kirby of Blue Poppy...

How to Buy Acupuncture Needles

by Shawn Kirby L.Ac.

Buying acupuncture needles is a lot like going to a really great smorgasbord – there are a lot of choices but it’s not always easy to know what you want and/or need. This handy little guide is designed to help you easily find and order the type of needle you know and love, and might even inspire you to try something new.

Handle Type

People are often confused as to what the various differences are between one type of handle style and another. What are the advantages of a given style, and why are they like that in the first place?
The first, and absolute best, way to choose the type of handle that you use in your acupuncture practice is to experiment with many different styles of handle and choose the one that feels best to you. No two people are alike, and everyone’s hand is different. Only you can truly determine what handle style will work best for you in your practice. That being said, there are a number of different styles of handles available on the market, each catering to certain styles and techniques.

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